Robert L. Harris, Ph.D.

It is an honor to have your join me on my website.  I trust that you find this a helpful resource. 

“This Little Pig Went to Market”

Education has been a priority for me since I sold my first pigs.  I got them as piglets, raised them, and got them ready for market.  When the buyer left with them, all grown up, in his truck, I did not know their destiny. But I knew that my dad did two things, as he explained to me.  First, he subtracted the “overhead” expenses from raising the pigs from the sale; and second, he handed me my profit.  Next he said, “Ok, let’s go to the bank and start your savings accoung for college.” 

I always knew that I would go to college.  He had been the first generation in his family to go to college — on the GI Bill after WWII.  I was next, and there were no other options discussed.  Of course, when Viet Nam came along, we all wondered if we would have the privilege of going to college before we served our country or after.

Higher education has always been a privilege for me. And I was among the fortunate to be able to go for as long as I chose to go, and to earn the highest degree I could earn in my field.  (It was not “animal science”).  And since I worked my way through, and had my parents’ help and support, I graduated with no debt.

Education is In My Heart

Early in my education I discovered the joy of learning.  And I discovered my own vocation to help others.  This is what led me to a career in education.  My career also incorporated my religious faith, and I was therefore able to enter my profession as an educational administrator in a context of faith-related higher and adult education.  

I have been called “Dr. Bob” throughout my career (since 1983, anyway) and I have devoted years of my expertise in adult and life-long learning to training people at all levels of need and desire — from custodians who needed to learn how to read, to lower-income families who needed to understand basice of family finance and parenting, to paraprofessionals in the classroom, hospitals, or social work, to professionals in educational leadership, ministry, and fundraising.  

It has been my “calling” to serve others in order that they would have the competency to do the best they were able to create a meaningful life for themselves, for their loved ones, and in their communities. 

What I Hope to Achieve

On this website, I have hopes that I will be able to help others make wise choices about education, training, careers, and lifestyles.  It is important to me to provide accurate information about what is available in the arena of higher education or adult learning, and to offer my experience and my opinions about what is worthwhile as well as what could very well be a waste of time and money.  

Unfortunately in the area of education there are unscrupulous providers of courses, certificates and degrees — and promises — which can cause disappointment, frustration, and even severe financial losses.  My goal is not to protect anyone, but to offer the skills people need to make the best choices for their future, and to empower people to decide what is the optimum way to move forward into a future — a future of hope, of satisfaction, and of competency. 

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Robert L. Harris, Ph.D. 

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